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Medical Equipment Repair Services

Our repair capabilities are second to none in the industry. From component level repair on circuit boards to complete repair of whole units, Acuity Medical Technology is equipped to meet your requirements while helping to get the equipment back in service in your facility faster.

Our service team works with the best and most up-to-date testing equipment in the industry. If we support the product, rest assured we are aware of and compliant with the latest updates that product requires. As with our own inventory, our repair services are not limited to only that which is reported or found to be a failure. As we are aware of commonly-failing components in different products, we also replace those in your products when they are sent to us for service.

Even with state of the art test equipment, our greatest asset is the experience of our highly trained service team. Every member has experience in his or her category of product not only of the latest generation for which he or she is responsible, but the experience of having repaired generations of that product as it has been upgraded and changed by the manufacturers over the years. Knowing and understanding the technology from which the latest has grown is a vital asset in identifying what may commonly fail moving forward and preventing a future, inevitable downtime for you.

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