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Asset Recovery

Acuity Medical Technology is always interested in increasing our inventory in an effort to meet the requirements of our customers. If your location is removing equipment, we provide an environmentally responsible solution.

At the heart of our business is the understanding that "end of life" for a product, i.e. that the manufacturer has discontinued support, does not necessarily eliminate the practicality of the product's application, and while your location may be positioned to make a change from that product, other locations are still using the product being replaced. Our Asset Recovery program affords us the opportunity to continue this support for others while allowing you the confidence to know the products are either reallocated or disposed of responsibly.

Rest assured if we assume the responsibility for a product you have removed from service, it will be fully re-tested and qualified to the component level, and any component or part of that product deemed to be unsatisfactory for a future service will be disposed of by us in a responsible manner, conscious of and safe for the environment.

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